Please click on the links below to view Il Menu Della Casa Di Scotti! Or, for those of you who don’t speak Italian… the Scotti’s menu! Each link will bring you to a page of the same menu available at our restaurant.

Click here to view Scotti’s Appetizers, Pasta Dinners, and Pasta Specialties!
Click here to view Scotti’s Veal Dinners, Sirloin Steak and Beef Dinners, Sides, and Beverages!

Can’t wait to enjoy your Scotti’s experience? Place an order for carry-out… great for lunch or dinner! Just give us a call at 513-721-9484 and tell us what you’d like.

Feel free to save a copy of our menu to your hard drive or print it out for easy access! This menu may be used to for carry-out orders or to determine what you would like to order at our establishment. Enjoy!

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