Degli Stati Uniti

Scotti’s Italian Restaurant is located at 919 Vine Street in the heart of Downtown Cincinnati.

Owned and operated by the DiMarco family, Scotti’s offers an authentic Italian experience in an intimate setting.

Imagine if you will, a dining room of tables, each being covered in a traditional red and white checkered table cloth, and accented by melted candles from years of placement in old wine jugs. The atmosphere is quaint, and the mood is set by the sound of operatic music playing throughout the restaurant. You will enjoy your meal while be serenaded by the likes of Luciano Pavaratti, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, and Nessun Dorma.

But of course, you will also hear the hustle and bustle of the DiMarco family trying to make your experience at Scotti’s as authentic as possible - and yes, some of those sounds may be a good old-fashion spat between the siblings. Don’t let them startle you - their bark is worse than their bite.

Scotti’s Italian Restaurant caters to both the young and old. Call ahead for reservations to ensure you get a spot. Visit our hours page and our history page for even more information about our historical eatery!

Vederla presto!
(See you soon!)